Towards Future Research on Space Weather Drivers, July 2-7 2019, San Juan, Argentina

Understanding and being able to forecast space weather is an increasingly important aspect of our modern technology-reliant society. This Meeting will promote the exchange of information in the area of space weather, from the point of view of the phenomena that drive it from their origin in the solar atmosphere, through their evolution in the interplanetary medium, to their arrival in geospace. Advanced understanding on space weather drivers is essential to improve predictability of the solar-terrestrial coupling.Among the specific subjects that will be covered are:-Solar sources, generation and development of dynamic events that determine space weather conditions.

-Coupling of solar atmospheric layers: data-driven models of the large scale corona and solar wind.
-Interplanetary counterparts of solar activity and their space weather consequences.
-Computational and observational tools for space weather forecasting.
-Space- and ground-based instrumentation with space weather applications.

The Meeting will be accompanied of a School geared towards students and young researchers who seek to gain a broad overview of space weather domains, concepts, tools and resources.These events are being organized on the occasion of the total solar eclipse of 2019, whose totality path will cross five provinces of Argentina extending for more than 1200 km.

Other activities to which this Meeting is associated:

– 3rd Workshop on the Dissemination and Education of Astronomy (WDEA III;

– “Totalidad” Program ( led by the Argentine Astronomy Association.