Oportunidade de doutorado no Royal Observatory of Belgium

Royal Observatory of Belgium has several open PhD positions. We would be very 
grateful if you could spread the word.

The list of the proposed projects:

Title: Modeling of hot plasma in solar flares, (contact Sergei Shestov, 
s.shestov@oma.be <mailto:s.shestov@oma.be>)

Title: Influence of the background solar wind on the coronal mass ejection 
propagation (contact Marilena Mierla, marilena.mierla@oma.be 

Title: Development of new Wide Band Gap Material (WBGM)-based detectors for 
future spaceborne solar UV radiometers  (contact Samuel Gissot, 
samuel.gissot@oma.be <mailto:samuel.gissot@oma.be>)

-         Deadline for proposals: 15 July 2018
-         Selection of shortlist for oral presentation: 31 July 2018
-         Supporting letters and oral presentation of the proposals, down 
selection: August-early September
-         Beginning of the contract: October 2018-January 2019.