VII Brazilian Symposium on Space Geophysics and Aeronomy

The Brazilian Symposium on Space Geophysics and Aeronomy is a traditional scientific event that takes place every two years since 2006. The seventh edition (7th SBGEA) will be held in the city of Santa Maria, localized in the central region of Rio Grande do Sul state, Southern Brazil. The main goal of this event is to bring together the Brazilian Space Geophysics and Aeronomy community for discussing recent scientific results, establish and strengthen cooperation and academic interchange, besides to plan future actions for these science areas in Brazil. Also, an important objective of the SBGEA meeting is to facilitate the approaches of students to professors and researchers, promoting a fruitful interchange of ideas and experiences.

The Space Geophysics and Aeronomy areas are interdisciplinary scientific fields that explore the near-Earth space, the interplanetary medium and its relationships to the Sun and Earth's Atmosphere. The SBGEA organization involve around 13 Universities and Research Institutes of Brazil, and typically more than 100 scientists and students attend this event. In the seventh edition of the SBGEA Symposium, it will be included other important areas related to Aeronomy and Space Geophysics, such as Meteorology, Aerospace Engineering, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and Computing Science.

The scientific objective of the 7th SBGEA Symposium is to show results of observational, theoretical and modeling studies obtained in recent years that will allow a better understanding of the Space phenomena, with origin in the Sun and in the interplanetary medium, which affects the whole atmosphere and Earth's climate.

The Local Organizing Committee is expecting a large number of attendees at this coming SBGEA Symposium, and since now we invite every interested researcher and student to attend at this event and submit their works.

The 4º Circular (Poster) of the VII SBGEA, which contain the information of the deadline for abstract submission and registration, is available HERE.